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LEOMATIC  PNC  is a modular electronic system, available as Rack (with a family of IPC cards, Eurocard format) as well as single modules (SYSTEM5 family).
It performs like a Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) and a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) at the same time. These two functions may work independently or strictly associated.

A PNC system includes modular field-electronics (cards inside a Rack and/or single modules for DIN guide) and free software levels (from on-board firmware up to ActiveX, DLL and tools for a Windows PC).
An optional user's interface can be so easily realized on a standard PC or on a commercial operator panel.

With a PNC system you may have the complete control over an automatic machine, even if complex; hardware performs a real-time control of field-devices while communication tasks handle the operator's interface (running on a PC or on a commercial panel), allowing supervision, data programming / monitoring,  diagnostic, ...). 

PNC hardware can be connected to external devices through a serial port (RS232, RS422, RS485, CAN), on which you may select a particular protocol such as LeoXFer, MODBUS RTU Slave, MATSUSHITA MEW-TO COL, … .

This external device may be a standard PC (Personal Computer Windows-based, industrial, laptop, panel-type, ...) or a commercial Operator Panel (PROFACE, ESA, ... ) or a simple user panel like:
- Leomatic P29: 20x4 chars display (LCD/FIP) and a compact 36 keys keyboard; it may be installed as front of the rack itself or along the machine.
- an UniOP model, or any other panel equipped with MODBUS RTU protocol.
Also with a simple panel you may execute most common operation  (work data and parameters programming, commands, status and errors monitoring, ...).


For more details, you may freely download the documentation:

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