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PncTool: PC Windows utility for PNC Leomatic systems

PncTool utility is a dedicated software tool, developed and freely supplied by Leomatic.
It runs on a Windows PC, using Leomatic WinPncLib and ActiveX controls.
It allows
configuration, data and parameters programming, test and diagnostic of a Leomatic PNC system.
It is a powerful "tool", developed by Leomatic to solve real needs and requirements of our or clients' technicians during installation and maintenance of automatic machines.

It uses ActiveX technology, so it is structured as many functional modules.
Please, note that a software developer may use each of these ActiveX modules from inside his own software. This will result in a very short time to realize a custom software acting as operator's interface.

PncTool is supplied free of charge; you may download it from the page Download.

Hardware requirements
  • PncTool may be executed on any PC (industrial, desktop, laptop, notebook), equipped with Windows operating system (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven).
    PNC system can be directly connected to:
    - a standard COM port of the PC (RS232 link, via a standard inverting cable);
    - a USB port of the PC (via a commercial USB cable).  This connection is possible only if the PNC CPU offers a USB or miniUSB connector.

Software characteristics

PncTool is a wide window on a PNC system, allowing inspection on the whole system; it also allows data/parameters programming and variables forcing, so for a technician it may be a powerful  and versatile instrument.
PncTool main screen shows:
- a standard menu bar and a rich instruments bar, on the top;
- the hardware configuration tree, on the left;
- a menu tabbed zone, on the right, related to the various kinds of programmable data;
- a buttons zone, on the bottom, related to the various kinds of resources monitoring.

An example of resource monitoring is the "View I/O", explained here below.
This function shows all configured digital I/O (each card/module has 16 In and 16 Out); the logic state of each signal is represented by the on/off condition of its related led (green for Inputs, red for Outputs).
A mouse click over a string "I/O Card x" will show the descriptions of the 32 signals handled by that card/module.
A mouse click over the numeric identifier of a single signal will show the description of that signal.
If a "password" has been entered, a mouse right-click over the numeric identifier of a single signal allows forcing on/off the logic state of that signal, regardless of the its actual electrical condition.


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