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Rack 42 TE: back and front views, with an integrated P29
(local version)

PNC Rack

Real-Time Control System


A PNC in rack is a modular, stand-alone system for automation or motion control.
It may work without operator's interactions, but may be connected to a standard Windows PC for program or diagnostic needs.
As user's interface it can be used a standard PC, or a smart Leomatic
P29, as well as any commercial panel with MODBUS protocol.

Rack 3 HE, 16 TE (3 slots)

Rack 3 HE, 24 TE (5 slots)

both have an integrated power supply at 24 Vdc.

Rack 3 HE, 42 TE (9 slots)

with integrated power supply at 24 Vdc.

Rack 3 HE, 84 TE (12 or 17 slots)

equipped with an AC/DC power supply at 230 Vac. 

  • DC/DC 24 Vdc power supply is integrated on internal back-plane (models up to 9 slots). AC/DC 230 Vac power supply is reserved for 84 TE racks (models with 12 or 17 slots).

  • Passive back-plane with 3/5/6/9/12/17 slots available for Leomatic Eurocard cards.

    You may compose a desired PNC rack system choosing from the following card types:


Hardware Specifications

Typical Applications

  • Modular system (up to 17 slots available)
  • Automatic machines real-time control  with an optional MMI interface (local or remote, simple or high-level).
  • Highly integrated applications with a good ratio performances/price.

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

  • Front panel:: 3 HE, 24/42/84 TE 
  • Depth: 230/265 mm
  • Power requirements:
    24-30 Vdc or 230 Vac

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