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Operator Panel with keyboard and display

  • Smart operator panel, with a 20x4 chars display (LCD/FIP) and a compact keyboard (36 keys; 8 of them are user's definable)
  • Available in 2 versions: local (+5 Vdc powered) or remote (+24 Vdc powered).
  • P29 can be connected via serial RS232 to a Leomatic PNC Rack (local version may be even mounted as front of rack).
  • P29 may also be connected via serial 485, for long distance or network installations; this feature allows to use it as distributed Terminal along the machine.

Hardware Specifications


  • Display FIP 20x4 chars (high brightness)
  • Display LCD 20x4 (with back-light).
  • Alfa-numeric and functional keyboard.
  • 36 keys, of which:
    4 function keys, for menu navigation
    8 customizable keys, for more frequent commands or dedicated functions.
  • P29 menu pages and messages are fully configurable/programmable through the sw utility PncTool on a service PC.
  • Operator Interface: ready to be connected to, or integrated into, a Leomatic PNC Rack; it is driven by Leomatic CPU P41.
  • Terminal: it transmits the codes of typed keys to a main device, via serial RS232 or RS485.

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Specifications

  • Front panel: 3 HE  42 TE 
  • Power requirements:
    •    5    Vdc  (local    version)
    • 24-30 Vdc  (remote version)

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