Products-PC-104 Cards

P48-104: axis control
P49-104: digital I/O exp.
P50-104: bridge / front-end for PC104


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PC-104 Cards

  P48-104: 2 axes motion control Motion control card for 2 axes.
Each axis type (DC, Brushless, Inverter, Stepper) may be configured.   Available functions: interpolation, gear, electronic cam, fast events.
Digital I/O expansion allowed through P49-104 module.
  P49-104: high-speed digital I/O expansion module 16 inputs + 8 outputs, high-speed, photo-coupled.
Add-on module suitable for Leomatic P48-104 card.
*** Product under development ***
  P50-104: Bridge / Front-End for PC104 Bridge / Front-End between PC104 Bus and Leomatic SYSTEM5 modules.
Suitable for any PC104 system, it has 2 CANBus ports on which may be connected any module of SYSTEM5 family.
It acts like a bridge between the PC104 CPU and Leomatic modules; it can also act as a Front-End, polling all connected modules and presenting their refreshed images to the PC104 CPU.


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