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USB-CANBus Converter

8 digital IN +
8 digital OUT

Remote module for DIN guide


LEOMATIC P59-USB is a bidirectional converter USB-CANBus.
You may connect this module, with a standard USB-miniB cable, directly to a host (PC or a user's panel) and then use its CANBus port as network to connect
any other SYSTEM5 module (P59, ...), via a simple CAN twisted pair.

You may so place any SYSTEM5 module along the machine, according to as distributed architecture, while the only P59-USB is near the PC.
This allows a high-speed dialog between the host and distributed modules, without the USB strict limitation in distance.

As option, P59-USB may be supplied with some integrated digital I/O (8 inputs + 8 outputs), which can be read/write by a custom software on the host (PC or user's panel).
This version is particularly suitable for simple automation problems or internal equipments, based on a standard PC with a custom control software.

I/O can be anyway expanded adding some P59 modules on the network (up to 16 P59 modules on the same CANBus network), for a total of 256 inputs + 256 outputs.

Technical characteristics.pdf

Brochure of introduction to SYSTEM5.pdf


   Bi-directional converter USB-CANBus.

   Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista  compliant.

   Installing a specific device-driver (supplied free-of-charge), the PC "sees" the USB port as a standard serial port (COMx).
This allows the Leomatic protocol to work and makes easier to write a custom control software.

    The version with integrated I/O allows to read/write these I/O logic state by the custom software on the PC, using an ActiveX component (supplied by Leomatic free-of-charge).

    On board firmware auto-diagnostic functions (error conditions).

    With future firmware versions, it will be possible to download a small logic program (PLC) on a single P59-USB module.

Caratteristiche Tecniche


    Microprocessor: ATMEL at 40 MHz.

    Digital I/O [option]

    8 digital inputs, photo-coupled.

    8 digital outputs, photo-coupled.

    Output sections use solid-state components, granting protection against short-circuits, over-temperatures, overloads, inversions of filed-power polarities.


    Power requirements: from the USB cable

    Digital I/O [option]

    Galvanic insulation of the field-ground and the logic-ground
(so insuring the maximum protection from electrical noises or accidental damages).
Field-power requirements:
+24 Vdc nominal (min. +15, max. +30 Vdc)

   8 Digital inputs: PnP, +24 Vdc nominal

   8 Digital outputs: PnP, +24 Vdc nominal
(each output acts as "current source" with a maximum fan-out of 500 mA)


    The module is ready to mount on a standard DIN guide.

    Dimensions: 101 × 120 × 17,5 mm

    Front panel is a transparent, elevating cover, so allowing the view of on-board leds and the access to the configuration dip-switches.

    3 leds to monitor module status and communication activities.

    1 USB port: connector mini-B

    1 CANBus port: removable clip, screw type

    Digital I/O [option]

    Removable clips, screw type, for I/O signals.

    8 green leds + 8 red leds to show the current logic state of each input and output.

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