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8 analog IN +
4 analog OUT
high- performance

Remote Module
for  DIN guide


LEOMATIC P57S is a high-performance module for analog I/O.
It has 8 analog input channels (each of them configurable on different ranges of voltage signal or as a current signal) and 4 analog outputs
(as voltage signals).

It is based on a DSP microprocessor at 400 MHz, to grant high-speed acquisition of signals and subsequent mathematical elaborations.

On-board firmware allows a programmable digital filter on each input.
Furthermore, it's possible to set a PID algorithm in order to drive an output as mathematical feed-back of an input.

P57S may be connected to other SYSTEM5 modules by mean of a parallel bus (local) or in a CANBus network architecture (remote).

Up to 16 P57S modules on the same system (4 dip-switches to set address) for a total of 128 analog inputs and 64 analog outputs).

It is possible to ask Leomatic for a customized Firmware version.

Technical characteristics.pdf

Brochure of introduction to SYSTEM5.pdf


    Resolution of input channels:   16 bit

    Resolution of output channels: 16 bit

    Each input channel may be digitally filtered, with programmable time (0 ... 99 s)

    It's possible to set and configure a PID + Feed-Forward algorithm in order to drive an output as mathematical feed-back of an input.

     On-board firmware has advanced Tracing capabilities, allowing a synchronous monitoring of a configurable set of internal variables.

    On-board firmware auto-diagnostic functions (error conditions).

    The on-board firmware, stored on Flash memory, may be changed  (downloaded) through a dedicated software utility (PncTool).

    In case of malfunctions, you may activate a special boot firmware, stored on a protected page of flash memory.
It grants a recovery startup: some functions are reduced but the Leomatic protocol on
third CANBus port is fully operative, so you can run the software tool in order to download the on-board firmware or to test the card itself.

    Leomatic supplies P57S modules with a free-of-charge SW suite,  including technical manuals and utilities, such as:
- PncTool, to configure/inspect/test a whole SYSTEM5 or its single modules.


Technical Characteristics


    DSP microprocessor at 400 MHz + FPGA

    8 analog input channels
Each channel is configurable as voltage signal or as a current signal
through on-board dip-switches.

A voltage signal may then be set (via software) in the following ranges:
-  0..10   Vdc
-  ±  10   Vdc
-  ±   2.5 Vdc

A current signal has a fixed range: ± 20 mA

    4 analog outputs channels
Each output channel is a voltage signal, in the range
± 10 Vdc

    Sampling time of all 8 input channels:  10 µ (without any filter)

    Parallel bus for high-speed local connection to CPU P51S / P51 and/or to other SYSTEM5 modules with the same bus (P53S, P58S).

    2 CANBus ports for remote connection to other SYSTEM5 modules or to a host device (PC, User's panel, ...).


    Power requirements:
+24 Vdc nominal (min. +15 Vdc, max. +30 Vdc)
75 mA on +24 Vdc


    The module is ready to mount on a standard DIN guide.

    Dimensions: 101 × 120 × 22,5 mm

    Front panel is a transparent, elevating cover, so allowing the view of on-board leds and the access to the configuration dip-switches.

    4 leds to monitor module status and communication activities

    Removable clips:
- spring type: for I/O analog channels and communication ports;
- screw type: for power supply.


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