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LEOMATIC designs, produces, sales and supports electronic  systems for the complete control over automatic machines / plants

  • System5 - Distributable modules, for DIN guide; they may be connected to an Host or to a PC (desktop, laptop, notebook) or to a PC-104 system.

  • Single cards, "Eurocard" format, for Rack PNC or IPC.

  • Single cards, for ISA Bus, for a quick realization of test-benches, prototypes or to control simple automatic machines.

  • Single cards, PC-104  format; one of then acts as bridge between this bus and a network of SYSTEM5 modules, allowing a distributed architecture.

LEOMATIC give you freeware SW tools to configure and program our products; they are very powerful and help you to start-up and test your own automation.

  • PncTool utility is a dedicated software tool running on a Windows PC.
    It allows
    configuration, data and parameters programming, test and diagnostic of a Leomatic systems.
    It is a powerful "tool" to solve real needs and requirements during installation and maintenance of automatic machines.

  • Leomatic Automation Builder is a new dedicated software tool for Windows PC.
    It is a PLC programmer, who integrates all the machine-logic and motion control instructions. LAB allows PLC programming and testing of a Leomatic electronic system, also in run-time

LEOMATIC may be a partner of yours in designing and realizing "custom" electronics:

  • Dedicated electronic devices, single-boards for stand-alone functions, artificial vision systems, ....

  • Application Software custom-designed for:
    - the total control of automatic machines;
    - the supervision of automatic plants.

  • Dedicated Firmware for embedded electronic, based on microprocessor, produced by Leomatic or by an its client.





Oscilloscopio PncTool

Automation Builder 



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